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Summer Excitement!

Last week's PFA meeting was full of exciting discussion around some super-hot topics!

Final prep & actioning of to-do's for the Sherburn Gala took place where the school will be promoting how wonderful Sherburn Hungate Primary is; the PFA will be there supporting with our very own pomp and ceremony, and our magnificent Stage Kidz posse will be there too!

This is being held on Saturday 18th May and all are welcome!

So please do make sure that you look our for the adverts (Facebook Page - Sherburn Gala) and pop an entry in your calendars to be there and enjoy a family, fun filled, Carnival themed gala!

Next topic is this years Summer Fair! Which, may I add, sounds like it is going to be epic!

So... date for your diaries.... Wednesday 3rd July, 3pm - 6.30pm

School date availability, volunteer availability and other local, external events have all been factors in the selection of this date and we are hoping that with it being straight after school, the inevitable footfall & end of school hype, will all contribute to the success of this year's event!

As always, we are on the look out for stands, stalls and volunteers so if you can make suggestions or offer some time on the day to support, please do drop us an email to or Whatsapp our Secretary, Ami on 07557373626.

And with all of the excitement and planning around those two items, left little time to discuss much else!

But, we cannot close out before giving you all some insight into what we have managed to achieve to date this year;-

  • The PFA have contributed a significant amount to the incredible School Holiday Food Initiative run by the school. With 25 families in need, we were able to collaboratively donate 2 large bags of shopping to each!

  • The school have also asked if the PFA were able to put towards the cost of a Farm visiting the school which we are pleased to have agreed to - more details to follow!

  • We have also been advertising for donations for the School Sensory Garden plans. We have been given a 'Wish List' which we are promoting through various advertisements on Social Media, for things such as Bark & play mats. Click here to see our advert for this and see if you are able to contribute or purchase anything on the Wish List which can be found below. We and the school would be ever so grateful!

Sensory garden
Download PDF • 193KB

  • The Easter Trail also raised $448 so 'THANK YOU' to everyone who took part in that. We hope you enjoyed it!

If you would like to join as a member or offer to participate in any of the events, please do contact us via this link - How Can I help?

Also, if you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions for the PFA to consider, we are all ears and would be grateful for you to submit these via our 'Speak Up' forum which can be found here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events where we are hoping the sum might even make an appearance!

Much love

Your PFA

P.s. Our full meeting minutes can be found by clicking here.


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