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Green shoots & positivity as we step into Easter

Easter is a time of new beginnings, green shoots and positivity and as we head into the Easter holidays, it's no different for the PFA!

The committee have been able to make a fantastic contribution towards the School Holiday Food initiative that the school has been running - just look at all those food bags!

PFA contribute to School Holiday Food Initiative

What a difference working and pulling together has made!

This initiative is not just planned for the Easter Break though - Mrs Bowling is planning on running it every school holiday!

The PFA are committed to supporting in any way we can but if you would also like to get involved personally, please do contact the school & Mrs Bowling. We are sure she would be most grateful!

Talking about those green shoots - changes to our core members have changed recently after a successful 1st AGM so it has been the perfect opportunity for us to re-read our constitution and obtain feedback from the committee members on how we can continue to improve for the year ahead to ensure that we are aligned to our core values and purpose.

During this activity, it was highlighted that, not only are we here to raise funds for the school in order to contribute to the amazing initiatives that the school and wider community would like to run but also support where we can from an education perspective too.

This will become a standard agenda point within all of our meetings moving forward with the view to working even closer with the amazing teachers our children have at Hungate Primary!

Contributing to the development of good relations between teachers, parents, children and the wider community is also a part of our constitution which is at the heart of everything we do. If it wasn't for us all being kind, inclusive and supportive, we would find it difficult to do the great work we all do!

Team work makes the dream work as they say!

To support this and the growth of the PFA as we move into a new year, we will be introducing a Code of Conduct.

We feel that this will provide clarity of our values to our school, teachers, our committee members and the wider community and articulates the principles we wish to foster within our organisation as we continue to grow and develop.

This will be issued for all members to read, understand and sign and be visible on our website for all to view. We will also use to when signing visitors up to events that we hold etc.

Finally (for this post anyway!) we want to 'sing from the rooftops; about everything we are striving for, for our school, its pupils and their families so we are continuing to strengthen our communication via our website and social media posts and we would love it if you can join us on the journey as one - Sherburn Hungate!

Click here to 'Speak Up' and have your say, provide feedback and/or make a suggestion.

We would LOVE to hear from you!

Happy Easter to all!

Much Love - Your PFA x


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